The Team

Our team consists of many talented Ingress players. Many have fun in doing missions and traveling to events like Mission Days.

Martin “Gargish” Brenner

Martin is addicted to Mission Days and also has been to Camp Navarro in 2017 where he developed the programming of the resonators for the Luminescent Heart project. For the Orbis Ludens project he will use this knowledge to build hardware and software for controlling the various LED strips based on information from the Ingress portal.

Sophia “BlackSheep52”

Sophia has been travelling to alot of Anomalies, Mission Days and other Events. Exploring is her Addiction. She has been Embedded Reporter in Berlin and is also sharing her Stitch travel journal (#StitchAndSheepOnTour2017, #aSTITCHventures). At Schloss Kaltenberg the team benefits from her experience in the creative execution.

Uwe “UPafus”

Uwe is playing now for 3+ years and gathered broad experience around different facets of Ingress at several anomalie, Mission days and special events. In real life Uwe works as chemical engineer in the management of a manufacturing company. Within the Schloss Kaltenberg Event Uwe can contribute with swag design & production as well as some marketing skills.

Kevin “Berndorin” Schmitt

Kevin is playing since March 2013. Starting with Operation Cassandra his journey started. Following by many more Anomalies and Mission Days he started travelling trough Europe. He was Embedded Reporter in Basel and Berlin. Since 2017 he started to deploy deaddrops during the exploration of the cities. At Schloss Kaltenberg he will build software and hardware, contribute Mission Day data and do jobs where help is needed.

Stefan “Suedschwede”

Known as a tough guy in the game and love socialysing, swag addicted with a good knowledge about the old stuff. In the meantime our real world changed, so the “Schwede” changed to an eventplayer. For the Kaltenberg event he is responsible for the construction and the project management like in real live.

Christian “Burli”

Christian is playing Ingress now more then 4 years and he likes to travel around the world to explore new Portals in Europe and he was already in New York and Washington. He likes to play Ingress Missions and is happy to join Anomaly Events and Mission Days.

Heather Havis “HeterTheMoth”

Top ranked Ingress player in Finland. 5 years playing. Veteran Co-Facilitator for Anomaly disability / mobility groups. Mission Day and Mission Mosaics enthusiast. Embedded Reporter. Ingress traveller. For Kaltenberg brings experience from a range of Creative pursuits: writing, photography, singing, painting, theatre.

Harri Havis “stahi”

5 years playing. Veteran Co-Facilitator for Anomaly disability / mobility groups. Mission Day and Mission Mosaics enthusiast. Ingress traveller. For Kaltenberg brings experience from career as Construction Engineer, Installation Manager, construction worker.

Andreas “Teg0ng”

plays Ingress for almost 3 years. He like to travel, meet people for socializing or events, to support sereval ingress-related activities as a operator For the project he brings experience in electronics and programming as well.

Sascha “SmokeMaster”

“Well wait–what can SmokeMaster here do?”

“SmokeMaster is actually Sascha. And he can order pizza like nobody’s business.”

“Hey! Well…you gotta eat, right?”

Also I’m the one holding all this tools needed to build amazing things. I deliver needed tools and the necessary construction parts needed to use all this professional tools.

Gerald “Lucoire” Wolf

Lucoire has been an agent for a little over 800 days, attending at least one event per anomaly series and most Ingress mission days in the vicinity. As an “Operation: Essex” investigator, he serves as a consultant concerning the history of Tecthulhus as well as an editor for the publically available documents. Additionally, he intends to document the Schloss Kaltenberg event as a reporter.


Playing Ingress since March 2015. After reaching L16 the main focus changed to attend events like Anomalies and Mission Days.

Eckhart “nosmium”

is “the crazy mission guy” and rank 1 worldwide for specops at the moment. He likes travelling around Europe and especially Germany, being at a lot of mission days and anomalies. He is also known for his passion for cake.

In real life, he works as a software developer.

At the Magnus Event he supports the team financially.

Johan “sonjohan”

Sonjohan has been playing Ingress for nearly 5 years. He is an avid traveller and enjoys visiting new locations and cultures. Joining Mission Days, Anomalies and First Saturdays is an ideal way to visit a lot of places in a friendly way. Participated in the Transmongolian trip.

At Schloss Kaltenberg he hopes to bring his programming experience and presentation skills.

Filip VANSTRAELEN “fvanstra”

Wolve of Belgium since Darsana BXL, L16, Explorer, 15+ Anomalies, of which half as Team Lead, EXO5 Bruges orga, MD Antwerp orga, Belgian FS coordinator.
Jack of all trades, helps out where needed

Luca “Lucius150”

Luca started late in his agent career with the exploration of anomalies and mission days but since Aegis Nova he is a force to be reckoned with So he decided to join the Magnus camp at Schloss Kaltenberg.
His task is to provide technical support for the S7 system and help with the mechanical assembly of the project.